Concept Wire Industries

Concept Wire Industries is one of the largest stockist and manufacturers of wire products in Australia.

Our extensive range of wire includes HDLC (hard drawn low carbon), galvanised, baling, high tensile, stainless steel, spring and annealed tie wire.

As well as our huge range of wire, available in coils and stems, we also have over 45 machines dedicated to the production of wire products ranging in wire diameters from 1.0mm up to 12.7mm.

Our range of machines includes multislides, coat hanger machines, CNC wire formers, bucket handle machines, straighteners, rewind machines, baletie and snaplock machines, as well as numerous other specialised wire forming machines.

Our product range mainly covers the recycling, construction, packaging and industrial sectors, although with our extensive range of wire forming machines, our products are also supplied into the rural, automotive, engineering and any other industry sector where wire products are required.

Our basic range includes:
Concept Wire Industries carries the largest range of baling wire in Australia, including black annealed, galvanised BALOMAX, high tensile galvanised, snaplocks and baleties.
Our baling wire range can provide the perfect product for baling cotton, plastics, paper, cardboard, tyres and any other waste products.
Concept Wire Industries carries one of the most extensive ranges of wire available in both coil and stems. Annealed, HDLC, galvanised, spring and stainless are all available in numerous diameters and tensile strengths.
From rod ties and annealed tie wire for the fixed of reo, to wallties and other associated tools for use in the construction field, Concept Wire Industries ensures all of our products are designed for the tough construction environment. Our product range includes star posts, “Ideal” style belt reelers, nippers, belt coils, wallties and brick mesh.
The main types of manufacturers wire available are HDLC (hard drawn low carbon), galvanised wire and stainless steel. Products made from wire include fridge racks, baskets, shop displays, bucket handles, general engineering and manufacturing as well as automotive applications.
Any size and type of wire can be formed and shaped either by hand, multislide or CNC wire forming machines.
Hand bending applications generally refer to small runs where the quantities are small and is more commonly used to create samples for future larger runs.
Multislide machines are specialised machines that straighten, cut and form wire into different shapes in medium to high volumes. There is generally a high set up cost due to the cost of tooling, but this additional cost is compensated by the low cost per unit due to the high production speeds of up to 3600 pieces per hour.
Products currently manufactured by Concept Wire Industries include bagties, bucket handles, curtain hooks, ground staples, wallties, wickets, buckles and coat hangers as well as numerous other products using wire.
Concept Wire now has in its range of equipment, the latest state of the art 3-D wire bending machines. With a capability from 2.0mm up to 12.7mm, we can meet the most demanding requirements regarding wire forming.
CNC wire forming is the best way of producing small to medium runs due to minimum tooling requirements and minimum set up time on repeat orders. CNC wire forming also provide consistent and accurate repeatability.
Anyone involved in wire bending or requiring anything from small frames, card pockets, to tight radii, and in small or large runs can now discover significant savings over traditional hand bending methods.
Concept Wire Industries (including Kenco Wire) has the most comprehensive range of wire straightening machines in Australia, with over 10 machines providing the capability to cut wire diameters from 0.9mm up to 15mm, and lengths from 50mm up to 6 metres.
We can straighten and cut all material types, from soft annealed wire to high tensile spring wires, and from galvanised to high grade stainless steel.
With over 10 machines on hand and no in-house manufacturing processes requiring straight and cut wire, our machines are 100% dedicated to meeting the straightened wire requirements of our customers, with our most up to date machine capable of processing over 2½ tonnes per hour.
We can cut most wires to a tolerance of ±0.5mm on the length, although should you
have special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the office to discuss.
Concept Wire is proud to only supply ceiling wire that complies with the relevant Australian standards for galvanised wire (AS 4534) and suspended ceilings (AS2785).
Legally, it is each persons’ responsibility in the supply chain to make sure they are complying with the necessary Australian building standards, so it is imperative that only the best wire is used.
All of our ceiling wire products are clearly marked with the “Made in Australia” logo and “ complies with AS4534 & AS2785”. Therefore Concept Wire ceiling wire gives peace of mind for all involved including builders, installers, resellers, wholesalers, and contractors.


As the authorised Australian distributor of Bekaert stitching wire, Concept Wire Industries carries a comprehensive range of stitching wire from 0.35mm to 1.2mm diameters,including a full range of flat, hard, soft and nylon coated stitching, stapling and spiral binding wire.

Coil sizes available include 2.5kg, 3.5kg, 10kg, 75kg and full 500kg bulk spools.
We also have the ability to rewind any size stitching wire onto most sizes of
spools with our own inhouse rewinding equipment.

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