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======== WELCOME TO ADVANCED NATIONAL SERVICES AUSTRALIA ===================== -------- /COMMERCIAL CLEANING SERVICES, TEMPORARY FENCING, ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES AND TROLLEY COLLECTION/ ------------------------------------ Advanced National Services specialises in Australia commercial cleaning services [1], temporary fencing [2], trolley collection [3] and environmental services [4].   We are a national organisation that prides itself on delivering professional, friendly service at realistic prices. Through a network across Australia, we seek to create exceptional teams, giving quality service that helps our customers do what they do best.   -------- /"EVERYDAY, ADVANCED IS PROUD TO DELIVER THE ESSENTIAL SERVICES THE WORLD'S BUSINESSES NEED TO DO THEIRS." /   ------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- TEMPORARY FENCING [5] ----------------------------------------------- Australia Temporary fencing solutions [6] have been another specialty of ours since 2004. We have grown a substantial business based on a reputation of good service and reliability, being able to meet Australian customer's temporary fencing needs every time.   Moreover, our patented temporary fence system is regarded as superior to other brands, which represents a better temporary fencing solution for our customers.   Some temporary fencing products we offer include mesh fencing, hoarding fence, crowd control barriers, shade cloth, advertising banners and bracing, barbed wire, dog bars, and many other Australian temporary fencing products. --------   ------------------------------------------------------------------                         -------- MESH TEMPORARY FENCING ---------------------------------------------- Mesh Fencing is perhaps the most popular temporary fencing product in our range, and is used in many different industries. Specifically, it provides a climb-resistant barrier that can be used for residential, commercial, civil and event purposes. Mesh fence is ready for hire anytime.   -------- HOARDING TEMPORARY FENCING ------------------------------------------ Hoarding Fencing is similar to our mesh fencing system, with the only difference being a solid partition. This system is effective for maintaining privacy and reducing the fall-out effects of dust and debris around construction sites.   -------- CROWD CONTROL BARRIERS ---------------------------------------------- Designed for the event hire industry, crowd control barriers are useful for outdoor partitioning and managing large groups of people. As such, it has been designed to withstand the pressures of outdoor events and can be installed and removed relatively quickly.   -------- SHADE CLOTH --------------------------------------------------------- Serving a dual purpose of dust reduction as well as visual restriction, shade cloth also improves the overall look of a construction site and provides a cleaner background for signage                           [1] australia-services/commercial-cleaning.php [2] australia-services/temporary-fencing.php [3] australia-services/shopping-trolley-collection.php [4] australia-services/environmental-fencing.php [5] australia-services/temporary-fencing.php [6] australia-services/temporary-fencing.php

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Temporary Fence
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